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Borgo Antico San Vitale the Soul of Distilleriefranciacorta

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Centuries of history have followed on from each other in the S. Vitale complex. Today, this can be seen not only in the characteristic historic buildings, but also in new, evocative artisan distillery, where the distillation process can be experienced first-hand.

It is a point where ancient traditions and an artisan craft meet with modern cultural paths of research.

It is home to modern distillation equipment yet also proudly displays the ancient stills. The extensive cellars used to age the grappa in oak casks, featuring a vaulted ceiling supported by large columns, complete the alchemic atmosphere of this precious place.


Forum Acquavitae research center

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Situated in Borgo Antico S. Vitale, the Forum Aquavitae” is the first international centre for the research of distillates. High quality spirits, and aqua vitae in particular, are the subject of the Forum’s competence: from experiments in production to spreading the culture, technology and consumption; from historic-graphic research to the organisation of meetings, seminars and courses.

The Scientific Committee of the Aquavitae Forum is made up of university researchers and professors and sets itself the task of promoting and monitoring the scientific activity surrounding this exciting culture.


Borgo Antico San Vitale

Borgo Antico San Vitale

The origins of Borgo Antico S. Vitale lie in the late Middle Ages, when Borgonato appears in an imperial diploma dated 879. The main feature of the complex is its composition of traditional (9th – 18th century) buildings and types (a church with presbytery, a mediaeval building, a farmhouse), which over the years have come together to form a complex of high historic-architectonic value.
The village has been subjected to archaeological digs and careful restoration that lasted five years. By using traditional materials and techniques (stone, brick, wood), the ancient image and evocative 17th century atmosphere has been successfully restored.

An artisan distillery has also been created, home to a teaching experience-based route devoted to aqua vitae and distillation, with authentic historical findings, avant-garde equipment, reconstructions, illustrations and videos.


The historic complex of Borgo Antico S. Vitale has display areas and meeting rooms for catering, banquets and meetings. A catering service and à la carte menu are available. The aim is to play an important role in spreading awareness of the culture, technology and consumption of aqua vitae, by organising meetings and seminars, courses and competitions for technicians, communications operators and hospitality workers, students and attentive consumers.

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