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Castle Brands and Distillerie Franciacorta Announce Exclusive Distribution Partnership

NEW YORK, December 12, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Castle Brands Inc. (NYSE Amex: ROX) and Distillerie Franciacorta jointly announced today that they have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement in the United States for Franciacorta’s Gozio Amaretto.

The international conference on spirits

In Borgo Antico San Vitale On Thursday 19 and Friday 20 May 2011 Forum Aquavitae will be organising “The Future of Spirits”, international conference on global spirits markets and trends with the support of the International Organization of Vine and Wine.

Once again this year Grappa Barricata takes the 23rd Alambicco d'Oro Prize

The 23rd Alambicco d’Oro competition, organised by the ANAG (Grappa and Aqua Vitae Tasters) and by the Tasters Study and Training Centre, again went to Distillerie Franciacorta’s Grappa Barricata.

New strength behind Grappa Piave and Rene’ Briand

The Gozio brothers’ company has acquired the sales management and distribution of both these prestigious brands.

Distillerie Franciacorta grappas take the 22nd Alambicco d'Oro Prize

The 22nd Alambicco d’Oro competition, organised by the ANAG (Grappa and Aqua Vitae tasters) and by the Tasters’ Study and Training Centre, awarded prizes to 5 different grappas produced and distributed by Distillerie Franciacorta.

MULATA is here: finally, the favourite Ron of Cuba has reached Italy

Cubans say MULATA really is the best Ron: from now on, Italians too will be able to enjoy it thanks to Distillerie Franciacorta which will distribute it in our country.

Setting up of “FORUM AQUAVITAE”

Distillerie Franciacorta has set up the first international research centre dedicated to aqua-vitae and spirits.

Distillerie Franciacorta: turnover doubles in a period of three years

With a turnover in 2004 of 23 million euros, Distillerie Franciacorta has enjoyed three years of growth, during which time the company’s sales doubled. In terms of bottles, in 2004, nearly 9,000,000 were produced and distributed in Italy and the rest of the world by Distillerie Franciacorta.

Distillerie Franciacorta – a major commitment to build the 1st International Research Centre dedicated to grappa

The total investment required to complete the Forum Aquavitae, a research centre at international level to be built at Borgo Antico San Vitale, in Franciacorta, and which will dedicate itself to the history, technology and consumption of aqua vitae and spirits, amounts to 3.5 million euros. The Forum will be operative at the end of 2005.

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