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Distillerie Franciacorta – a major commitment to build the 1st International Research Centre dedicated to grappa

The total investment required to complete the Forum Aquavitae, a research centre at international level to be built at Borgo Antico San Vitale, in Franciacorta, and which will dedicate itself to the history, technology and consumption of aqua vitae and spirits, amounts to 3.5 million euros. The Forum will be operative at the end of 2005.

Promoter of the centre is Distillerie Franciacorta which, with a grappa market share amounting to 8%, comes in second in the manufacturer ratings. This commitment confirms how the grappa sector is that on which the Gussago Company is more closely focused, considering that grappa production saw turnover jump, in the 2002/2003 three-year period, from over 3,700,000 euros to more than 6,600,000 euros. This highly satisfactory figure was joined by a total turnover in 2003 of 22,842,000 euros, achieved with nearly 9 million bottles produced and distributed by Distillerie Franciacorta in Italy and the rest of the world.

Growth in the sector is due both to the popularity in the “premium” segment, and to the Company’s ability to distribute “solovitigno” grappa. In the liqueur field, growth during the three-year period amounted to over 35%.

In terms of distribution, the results achieved in Large-Scale Organised Distribution today see Distillerie Franciacorta account for over 60% of weighted distribution. With a parallel and ongoing increase in its market share (now over 8%), Distillerie Franciacorta comes second in terms of leadership on what is one of the most fragmented large-scale consumer markets, and takes outright lead position (for some time now) if the comparison is made in terms of the number of bottles sold. As regards exports, where growth continues to be fairly constant, Distillerie Franciacorta has a firm position in Europe with its grappas and cream liqueurs; in the countries of eastern Europe with Grappa Piave, Amaretto and liqueurs; in the U.S.A. with Amaretto, Linea Galleria (chocolate, white chocolate), Lemonel and Sambuca; in South America and Australia.

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