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Distillerie Franciacorta grappas take the 22nd Alambicco d'Oro Prize

The 22nd Alambicco d’Oro competition, organised by the ANAG (Grappa and Aqua Vitae tasters) and by the Tasters’ Study and Training Centre, awarded prizes to 5 different grappas produced and distributed by Distillerie Franciacorta.

After careful sensorial analysis and a subsequent statistical survey carried out using scientific methods, a qualified panel of expert judges pronounced as winner of the Alambicco d’Oro Grappa Piave Aged 12 months, Grappa Pinot of Franciacorta, GrappaProsecco, Grappa Le Torbiere, and Grappa Moscato.

The competition, which over the years has acquired increasingly more demanding parameters, able to pinpoint top-quality aqua-vitae, selected five magnificent, well-known and appreciated grappas that well represent the excellence of the products made by Distillerie Franciacorta, a leading Italian grappa producer.

In the grappa and distilled spirits sector, Distillerie Franciacorta plays an innovative role: conveying to consumers a message tied to the possibility of an alternative use, it suggests transforming a grappa typically tied to tradition and seasonal consumption into a simpler and regularly used product.

Distillerie Franciacorta also plays a major role in the production of creamy liqueurs, with products such as Whiskream, Lemonel and the Eclisse line with its Liquorice, Chocolate and Coffee flavours. Recently, after purchasing the historical Grappa Piave and Brandy René Briand brands, Distillerie Franciacorta became the worldwide distributor of Cuban Ron Mulata.

Distillerie Franciacorta sets the standards not only in the world of distilled spirits, but also in that of wines, with the Le Franzine brand (Terre di Franciacorta Rosso DOC, Bianco DOC and Brut DOCG, Charmat, Moscato DOCG).

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