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MULATA is here: finally, the favourite Ron of Cuba has reached Italy

Cubans say MULATA really is the best Ron: from now on, Italians too will be able to enjoy it thanks to Distillerie Franciacorta which will distribute it in our country.

The agreement enabling MULATA to leave Cuba is the result of a joint venture between Distillerie Franciacorta and Tecnoazucar, the Company which supplies 90% of the alcohol used to make all Cuban Rons and which launched the MULATA brand in 1993, quickly acquiring the favour of the local population and taking second place on the island market.

Ron MULATA, which thanks to the authenticity of the production processes and raw materials used is among the very few able to boast the original name of Ron, is split into a line of 5 original products distributed by Distillerie Franciacorta: Ron Mulata Silver Dry, Ron Mulata Palma Superior, Ron Mulata Anejo, Ron Mulata Anejo Reserva, Ron Mulata Carta Blanca. To these must be added 3 extraordinary products: Elisir de Ron Mulata, Cuba Cream Mulata and Piña Colada Mulata.

The MULATA line is the result of a special Ron created by the master distillers of Tecnoazucar using as raw material only aqua vitae made from Cuban sugar cane honey, which is aged in white oak casks: a process that gives the final product a one-of-a-kind and inimitable bouquet, and a touch of unmistakable superiority.

Distillerie Franciacorta, founded over a century ago by Luigi Gozio and still run by his descendants, is among Italy’s leading producers of grappa. Tradition and quality represent the strong points of a company that also sets the standards in the sector of wines, Franciacorta spumantes and spirits.

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