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New strength behind Grappa Piave and Rene’ Briand

The Gozio brothers’ company has acquired the sales management and distribution of both these prestigious brands.

Two historical names in the world of spirits: a well-known Grappa very popular with Italian consumers and a classic Brandy have now joined one of the most lively, dynamic and innovative companies of the “world of good drinking”: Distillerie Franciacorta.

With this major acquisition, the Gozio brothers’ company has strengthened and extended its role as real standard setter of the spirits world.

After joining the Distillerie Franciacorta “galaxy”, the two glorious brands, until now distributed by the multinational company, Seagram, look all set to take on the fresh energy needed to tackle what is an increasingly more complex and discerning market.

Grappa Piave – Selezione cuore (about 1,000,000 bottles that join the current production of Grappe Franciacorta totalling 1,500,000 bottles), known and appreciated for many many years (who doesn’t remember the legendary Carosello TV commercial?), has its strong point in quality: only the “heart” of the grappa, without this being weighed down by the “head” and “tail” products of the distillation process.

Brandy René Briand (about 900,000 bottles), equally well known and prestigious, owes its exceptional bouquet to the distillation process, still performed using copper alembics, and to three years’ ageing in oak casks.

Two products with valid “reasons” for continuing growth. Reasons which Distillerie Franciacorta is ready to sustain and launch again with renewed strength, new ideas and with all the determination that has distinguished its style and determined its success.

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