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Setting up of “FORUM AQUAVITAE”

Distillerie Franciacorta has set up the first international research centre dedicated to aqua-vitae and spirits.

This initiative is unique in Europe and among the most advanced at international level: the Forum Aquavitae, promoted and sustained by DistillerieFranciacorta, will become a point of reference as regards history and technology of aqua vitae and spirits.

After being presented at the Milan Press Association, the Forum Aquavitae begins operating in early 2006 at BorgoAntico San Vitale: this is a suggestive medieval building in Franciacorta which major restoration is transforming into a highly modern complex, able to accommodate museum display areas and cutting-edge technological equipment.

The Forum Aquavitae will require an investment of around 3.5 million euros split up into two separate sections: the first 2 million euros concern research; the second 1.5 million euros concern the setting up of a museum and infrastructures.

Taking part in the presentation of Forum Aquavitae was Hon. Viviana Beccalossi Vice-President of the Lombardy Region and Head of the Department of Agriculture of the Lombardy Region. Also present were the members of the authoritative Scientific Committee which supports the initiative and which is led by professor Mario Fregoni, Full-Professor of the Catholic University of Piacenza.

During the course of the event, the President of the Forum Aquavitae Antonio Gozio stated: “The impact which the Forum Aquavitae can have is two-fold and important. First of all, by means of this facility and its cutting-edge systems, Distillerie Franciacorta, leader in the grappa sector in Italy will play a lead role in sector growth. The initiative will also have a positive effect on the entire Franciacorta area, attracting the attention of researchers and wine tourists from all over the world and favouring the promotion of the district”.

The Forum Aquavitae project, which also involves the Municipality, Province and Lombardy Region, envisages activities split into three different lines of research and development:

• production, history and technological innovation
• consumption
• teaching.

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