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Single Vodka Single Malt 40°

“Born to be single”

Modern Vodka consumers keep away from traditional mass-produced brands towards interesting newcomers with character and body.
Barley grain offers the finest quality of starch and the lowest level of fatty oils, which results in clean crisp and rather light vodka, with a delicate sweetness in the background.

Single Malt Vodka uses pot still single batch distillations, just like single malt whisky.

Pot still use results in alcohol, which is rich in character and body and contains the delicate aromas and flavour elements.

Single Malt Vodka production method is slow, labour intensive and expensive. The result of rare Barley Grain, and Pot Still process, produces a unique flavour and quality, which is Single Malt Vodka.

Single lives up to the tradition of the great single malt whiskies with its bold character, creating a meditative atmosphere, satisfying the palate of the most demanding, inaugurating a new way of drinking and presenting vodka.”

70 cl
75 cl

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